Monday, January 7, 2008

Molecular Logistics - Teleportation and Molecular Nanotechnology

Most all of us remember the Transporter on Star Trek and the "beam me up Scotty" phrase that typified use of this particle beam transportation technology. And with the millennium only five years old, we see an opportunity to introduce technologies we believe will be to the 21st Century what the truck, tractor trailer, intermodalism and forklift were to this century.
The basic concept of Teleportation is that a physical object would get broken down to its' component molecular parts at one location and then transmitted to another location where they would be reassembled back to the original form completing the process of transport without any of the current costs, equipment or time delays. Molecular Nano-Technology is a slightly different although similar approach whereby the required molecules for the creation of a specific item are precisely assembled to "build" the item at or near the location of consumption.

This takes the concept of Teleportation back even one step further, to actually eliminate current production processes. In fact in most cases production today is based on our taking matter and cutting/forming it into the product required. Molecular Nano-Technology uses the reverse of this concept where the intent is to microscopically place through exact placement precisely only the molecules required to create the given item.

Welcome to the future of Logistics!


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